Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AstralProjection Ensemble - Interpretations of Songs

This compilation contains the spliced DNA of songs from a wide variety of artists in an attempt to reflect how the AstralProjection Ensemble would command a stage and what they would subject their audience to if they had unlimited opportunity and sympathetic receptors. 

Some songs you know... some you love... some you hate. It's not for everyone, just for the individuals who are willing to approach the unknown with an open mind. This is the first collection of amateur headphone inspired mixes I have made available. 

The ElectricSimulacrum proudly assaults your senses with... "Interpretations of Songs"

AstralProjection Ensemble - Interpretations of Songs
...on Jesus in Outer Space
grinnin'in yr face (enoaphex)
I See a Darkness_hammer 13 hatc 001 rec-3
Recollections of Evolution
Things Beyond the Sun
Atoms for Peaceful Sleep
Jungle, Visions & Soil
the Legend of the Silver Wolf
Entrance to the Gates of the Superjoint Ritual
the Celestial Dream Effects
Careful with Tomorrow (lost in the water)
Without Hands to Hold, Fly Away Without Them