Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matthew Gray: Days in the Life Of

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

I make music to represent what goes on in the space between fluttering eyes and the subconsciousness. I am an omnivore of aural transmissions and a conduit of sonic vibrations.

This album comes from the ashes of my ego that was smashed and swept away into the digital ephemera.

Recorded over the course of the last 5 months in fits of enlightenment, ElectricSimulacrum Recordings proudly presents to you... "Days In the Life Of".

Matthew Gray: Days in the Life Of
déconstruction systématique
It can vanish just like that
...and the rain comes down
Trapped in my Headspace
Dark Star Gravity
Shrine of the Colossus

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Matthew Gray: Hallucinatory Citadels of Shattered Glass

Where the previous collection focused on found songs created in 2014, this one digs farther back into the archive and represents a more psychedelic experience. Included on this album is the remix of one of my oldest tunes that PSY/OPSogist made for me. His guidance and friendship has made producing music truly rewarding and you all should go to his site and support his art.

This album is the final compilation of songs from the previous incarnation of the ElectricSimulacrum Recordings and is the capstone of the past. From this point forward, new experiences and aural excursions are in store for you, my most appreciated travelers.

Let's go down the rabbit hole together.

Matthew Gray: Hallucinatory Citadels of Shattered Glass
Love your Weird
Paralytic Twitch
Dirty Elevators
Between Dreams
Drift Through These Fields
Passing Throught the Deep Web
Entheogenic Inertia
Synthetic Boogaloo (PSY/OPSogist remix)
Lost Transmission from the Arkestra
Then It's Too Late

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Matthew Gray: Reflections of Splendor

This is the first of two albums culled from the digital wasteland that had become my catalogue. Many songs were created in 2014 and were reconstructed for this collection. Eclectic and minimalistic is the theme of this experience.

Matthew Gray: Reflections of Splendor
Saint Apollonia
Slim Reaper
Havok Levels
Smokin' on 6th Ave
Go for the Throat
Cutting Teeth
A Good Turn Daily

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Matthew Gray: If One Does as Dub Does Enough Times, One Becomes as Dub Is

The year following my most active year, I crafted very few tunes. During 2014, life had ramped up to warp speed and little time was left for musical pursuits. Added to the feeling that I couldn't produce an album that carried the gravitas as the most recent triptych, the songs were not as forthcoming.  It was also in this period when I lost my entire catalogue and basically gave up the ghost. This was my last compilation before the digital revolt.

This is the first time many of these songs have been made available and I hope you all enjoy the 2014 vintage of the ElectricSimulacrum Recordings.

Matthew Gray: If One Does as Dub Does Enough Times, One Becomes as Dub Is
Cloud Seeding
the Tribe
Meet Yourself on the Astral Plane
It Makes Me Smile
Splice of Life
Suspended Spheres of Illumination
Freedom to Funk
Before the taking of a test and tea
Send in the Drones
Waiting for the Sensation to Pass

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Matthew Gray: To Have the World Glide Past

The year was 2013 and I was experiencing my most productive period. I was experimenting with techniques and had a wealth of material to sort through for my year end compilation. Many songs on this collection were pulled from three albums that I feel were my best representation of the sound I was seeking. This newfound satisfaction translated into putting to rest the Dream Division moniker.

Please... enjoy the ride.

Matthew Gray: To Have the World Glide Past
Winds of Fire
It's a Trap!
Trill Life
Do You Dub?
Slide Ruler
"The gods of drugged sleep attend me, Wishing me well"
Situation Resolves Its Self
Glitter Descends
Sherman Hemsley

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Dream Division: Physicality

"Physicality" was the first collection of new Dream Division tunes. While many of the individual records were lost, the year end compilations survived. These tracks represent the my best work of 2012.


Dream Division: Physicality
Fibers of Life
Day-Glo Pro
Liquid Glass
Stay Up on the Get Down
Vapid Traits
Been Missing You
Lights on the Floor
Fingerprints on a Photograph
A Slight Diversion
Shake Those Socks Loose
Mission Control
Pink Shades of Death
Lost Signal

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Dream Division: Stretching the Light

After putting out the Bon Iver remix album, I needed a primer of past works that best represented my sound and where I was headed musically.  These tracks were culled from various albums I had fashioned from 2008-2012. "Stretching the Light" was the fingerprint of past and served as an introduction to the Dream Division.


Dream Division: Stretching the Light
Finding the Time
Disturb the Universe
Dream Queen
Dances with the Daffodils
Void of Spectral Light
Moral Imperative
Cherry Delight
Pink Ghettoblaster
As Seen On TV
Burns Away the Fog

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Dream Division: bon iver [manipulations]

This collection represented a sea change in my dabblings with music. With a renewed passion I reworked the entire Bon Iver album in a few days using the stems provided by the artist for a remix contest.

I figured this was the obvious place to start. This was created sometime in the Fall 2012.


Dream Division: bon iver [manipulations]
Minnesota, WI
Towers Michicant
Hinnom, TX
Lisbon, OH

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What was broken has been made new

About a year ago the internet blinked, a hard drive crashed and the ElectricSimulacrum ceased to exist. After laying fallow for many cycles, ESR is back with a new look and new content for your ears and mind.

This label has always been a labor of love and when everything was gone, there was a period of questioning if it was worth it or not to rebuild. I hadn't recorded any music in over a year and it seemed to as if this chapter was finished. Months went by and a chance encounter with an old friend asking if I had made any new music sparked a flame.

Over the course of many months, I salvaged what albums I could and some friends pitched in and sent me copies of albums that they had stashed in their files. I went back into my archive and reconstructed many tunes; which in turn, created new collections.

Recently, I have created the first collection of new music that is ready to share with the world... and in the spirit of newness, I have dusted off the site and gave it a proper updating.

I craft these sound poems for my enjoyment and I can only hope that someone else digs it too.

Welcome back to ElectricSimulacrum Recordings. Let's keep music weird.