Thursday, December 10, 2015

Matthew Gray - Unfollow

A new album of original songs to close out 2015! This album reflects my renewed interest in music melding ambient atmospheres and psychedelic beats together to create a heady listening experience best enjoyed at night with headphones or driving down empty streets. It is a fictional soundtrack to a movie that plays only in your mind. Unfollow represents an idea that once you detach from all of the modern constructs of media and identity, you are free to exist on your own terms.

The collection came about in a trio of single day sessions, in an attempt to capture off the cuff ideas and to build on the momentum built from my return to producing.  This aural exploration seeks to grant the listener a repose from their current status and project their being onto another plane... if only momentarily.  

ElectricSimulacrum Recordings proudly presents... "Unfollow"

Matthew Gray - Unfollow
Serape Jam
Eat Dirt
Cough Syrup
No Coast Funk
the Turntablist
Spirits of the Fall
Line of Questioning
Leaving Earth Again
Eclipse of the Supermoon
Soyuz 1
Waves Crashing into Oblivion

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