Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matthew Gray: Hallucinatory Citadels of Shattered Glass

Where the previous collection focused on found songs created in 2014, this one digs farther back into the archive and represents a more psychedelic experience. Included on this album is the remix of one of my oldest tunes that PSY/OPSogist made for me. His guidance and friendship has made producing music truly rewarding and you all should go to his site and support his art.

This album is the final compilation of songs from the previous incarnation of the ElectricSimulacrum Recordings and is the capstone of the past. From this point forward, new experiences and aural excursions are in store for you, my most appreciated travelers.

Let's go down the rabbit hole together.

Matthew Gray: Hallucinatory Citadels of Shattered Glass
Love your Weird
Paralytic Twitch
Dirty Elevators
Between Dreams
Drift Through These Fields
Passing Throught the Deep Web
Entheogenic Inertia
Synthetic Boogaloo (PSY/OPSogist remix)
Lost Transmission from the Arkestra
Then It's Too Late

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