Friday, December 11, 2015

AstralProjection Ensemble - Psychedelic Explorations of the Infinite Soul

After compiling the "Ambient Dub" tracks, I wanted to create another collection of similar feeling tracks. This album assembles some of the spacier, yet still beat driven tracks. These songs range from 2012 to present and collecting these psych tinged tunes together yields a more cohesive representation of style than how they were originally scattered across albums.

ElectricSimulacrum Recordings encourages you to take a trip down the rabbit hole with "Psychedelic Explorations of the Infinite Soul".

AstralProjection Ensemble - Psychedelic Explorations of the Infinite Soul
Warped Edges of the Ego
Life is Funny that Way
Winds of Fire
Liquid Glass
Situation Resolves Its Self
"The gods of drugged sleep attend me, Wishing me well"
Sherman Hemsley
Drift Through These Fields

AstralProjection Ensemble - Ambient Dub

This is a compilation of some of the more ambient pieces I have created to take the listener on a journey inward and to evoke a sense of drifting through reality. These were influenced by my love of Eno and science fiction soundtracks.  

ElectricSimulacrum Recordings invites you to take a brief respite from earthbound existence and enjoy "Ambient Dub"

AstralProjection Ensemble - Ambient Dub
General Tzu
Cloud Seeding
Fibers of Life
A Slight Diversion
Leaving Earth Again
Eclipse of the Supermoon
Soyuz 1
Waves Crashing into Oblivion
Saint Apollonia
Lost Signal
Waiting for the Sensation to Pass
Dub No. 1

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Matthew Gray - Unfollow

A new album of original songs to close out 2015! This album reflects my renewed interest in music melding ambient atmospheres and psychedelic beats together to create a heady listening experience best enjoyed at night with headphones or driving down empty streets. It is a fictional soundtrack to a movie that plays only in your mind. Unfollow represents an idea that once you detach from all of the modern constructs of media and identity, you are free to exist on your own terms.

The collection came about in a trio of single day sessions, in an attempt to capture off the cuff ideas and to build on the momentum built from my return to producing.  This aural exploration seeks to grant the listener a repose from their current status and project their being onto another plane... if only momentarily.  

ElectricSimulacrum Recordings proudly presents... "Unfollow"

Matthew Gray - Unfollow
Serape Jam
Eat Dirt
Cough Syrup
No Coast Funk
the Turntablist
Spirits of the Fall
Line of Questioning
Leaving Earth Again
Eclipse of the Supermoon
Soyuz 1
Waves Crashing into Oblivion

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

AstralProjection Ensemble - Interpretations of Songs

This compilation contains the spliced DNA of songs from a wide variety of artists in an attempt to reflect how the AstralProjection Ensemble would command a stage and what they would subject their audience to if they had unlimited opportunity and sympathetic receptors. 

Some songs you know... some you love... some you hate. It's not for everyone, just for the individuals who are willing to approach the unknown with an open mind. This is the first collection of amateur headphone inspired mixes I have made available. 

The ElectricSimulacrum proudly assaults your senses with... "Interpretations of Songs"

AstralProjection Ensemble - Interpretations of Songs
...on Jesus in Outer Space
grinnin'in yr face (enoaphex)
I See a Darkness_hammer 13 hatc 001 rec-3
Recollections of Evolution
Things Beyond the Sun
Atoms for Peaceful Sleep
Jungle, Visions & Soil
the Legend of the Silver Wolf
Entrance to the Gates of the Superjoint Ritual
the Celestial Dream Effects
Careful with Tomorrow (lost in the water)
Without Hands to Hold, Fly Away Without Them

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matthew Gray: Days in the Life Of

Allow me to reintroduce myself...

I make music to represent what goes on in the space between fluttering eyes and the subconsciousness. I am an omnivore of aural transmissions and a conduit of sonic vibrations.

This album comes from the ashes of my ego that was smashed and swept away into the digital ephemera.

Recorded over the course of the last 5 months in fits of enlightenment, ElectricSimulacrum Recordings proudly presents to you... "Days In the Life Of".

Matthew Gray: Days in the Life Of
déconstruction systématique
It can vanish just like that
...and the rain comes down
Trapped in my Headspace
Dark Star Gravity
Shrine of the Colossus

Download Here

Matthew Gray: Hallucinatory Citadels of Shattered Glass

Where the previous collection focused on found songs created in 2014, this one digs farther back into the archive and represents a more psychedelic experience. Included on this album is the remix of one of my oldest tunes that PSY/OPSogist made for me. His guidance and friendship has made producing music truly rewarding and you all should go to his site and support his art.

This album is the final compilation of songs from the previous incarnation of the ElectricSimulacrum Recordings and is the capstone of the past. From this point forward, new experiences and aural excursions are in store for you, my most appreciated travelers.

Let's go down the rabbit hole together.

Matthew Gray: Hallucinatory Citadels of Shattered Glass
Love your Weird
Paralytic Twitch
Dirty Elevators
Between Dreams
Drift Through These Fields
Passing Throught the Deep Web
Entheogenic Inertia
Synthetic Boogaloo (PSY/OPSogist remix)
Lost Transmission from the Arkestra
Then It's Too Late

Download Here

Matthew Gray: Reflections of Splendor

This is the first of two albums culled from the digital wasteland that had become my catalogue. Many songs were created in 2014 and were reconstructed for this collection. Eclectic and minimalistic is the theme of this experience.

Matthew Gray: Reflections of Splendor
Saint Apollonia
Slim Reaper
Havok Levels
Smokin' on 6th Ave
Go for the Throat
Cutting Teeth
A Good Turn Daily

Download Here